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Use What You Got
Use What You Got 

Use What You Got - and indeed she do! This 13 song compilation is a great representation of a full grown woman using everything she's got to get the job done right. Blues and 1950's R&B featuring Zach Zunis, Jeff Turmes, David Kida, Andy Kaulkin, and Dave "Woody" Woodford on horns.

Track List:  1. I'm Lost Without You  2. Use What You Got  3. I'm Not Ashamed   4. Find a Fool  5. How Much Longer (Is That Train Gonna Blow?)  6. Stormy Blues  7. You Better Love Me  8. All Night Worker  9. That's Why I'm Cryin'  10. Who's Gonna Help a Brother Get Further  11. Who Will the Next Fool Be  12. Matchbox  13. Don't Start Crying Now

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